"A Posto" in Positano


"I'm going to propose, she has no idea. Can you come to Positano?"

I was lying in bed when I got a direct message on Instagram asking if I could be in Positano that next week to photograph long-time-lovers Alex and Kylie's engagement photos. The catch? Kylie had no idea she was going to be engaged.

Usually, I plan engagements with the bride and it's a fun process of meeting for drinks, choosing outfits and locations, and then talking about how we're going to do it. But with Alex, it was a very sneaky secret agent operation that involved every trick in the book just short of morse code. 

My second-shooter friend Hayden and I arrived in Positano late at night, scoped out the main beach, and planned our photo attack for sunrise that next morning. We coordinated with Alex, gave him all the details, and woke up early to make sure we were there well before they were. 

What started out as a walk on the beach at sunrise for Kylie turned into the question that would change her life forever. Her genuine reaction to seeing Alex on one knee was one of adoration, love, joy, and a tenderness I've never seen. 

How these two people love each other is beyond and Hayden and I felt so grateful to have spent a whole day with them in Positano drinking wine, getting kicked off hotel rooftops, enjoying the salty air, and capturing their love.