Over a Table


If you're new here...

Then you don't know my story and my relationship with Italy. And since I recently tore down my website in a fit of impatience and rebuilt it to what you see now, there is little that you'll find. I don't have it in me to give you the full history now, but let's just say that Italy and I are involved in a deep and beautiful affair. 

I will skip the "how I got here" part and tell you a story about an object of little concern to many: the table. 

All my greatest memories happened over a table. The day I found out my first niece was born was at Immaculate Consumption in Columbia, South Carolina at one of their pew-booths. The day I fell in love was over a table littered with partially drunk chardonnay glasses and empty beer bottles at a corner table upstairs in a modern little restaurant outside the Vatican walls in Rome. The day I quit my dream-wine-job to become a photographer was over a big glass table in a conference room in Culver City, Los Angeles. All of these grand moments happened at tables.

But so did the little moments. 

Do you know the life lessons you've learned? I'll pose the idea that many of us do not know where we picked up "right" from "wrong" and "good" from "evil" in a very specific sense. Sure, we know maybe it was within the four walls of Sunday school or when we were told not to talk to strangers at the park... but those are small instances that make a collective impression instead of highly memorable individual instances. 

I'm one of the lucky ones. The lessons on the beauty of life happened all quite memorably over the planes of 2 tables: the first table in a beautiful apartment on Via Maggio in Florence and the second table in a villa in the hillsides of Chianti; both of the same family but different generations. I learned lessons like to dip fruit in a bowl of water so that the pesticides wash off. Like crooked teeth are more beautiful because they are imperfect and imperfection is unique and uniqueness is beauty. Like eat more food so you have a softer body because it keeps you warmer in the winter and makes you better for cuddles. Like working hard because work is good for the mind and for the body. Oh, I can't count the lessons I learned from my dear ones. But they are memorable and they are good.

So, I thank the table. And when it came to further branding the family business, I thought, "Well, like everything else that rises and falls in the happenings of a life - the brand should happen over a table."  

Please enjoy the resulting photos and life over a table under the Tuscan summer sun (and at the end we all jumped in the pool.)

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