Talk to Strangers, Kids.

My hands were trembling, my palms were sweaty, and I was pale as a ghost.

I was standing in the long painful line in customs at Rome Fiumicino Airport. I was about to see my boyfriend who I'd dated for 5 weeks and then jumped into 4 months of long distance. What would it be like? Would we get in the car and start the drive home to 2 months of living together on a secluded farm in Italy and think, "Hm, maybe this was a bad idea... what now?" The whole thing was terrifying.

But it was also so exciting. To hug him again... gosh I'd been dreaming of just that for months. When I focused on that, all the fear left and I noticed the cute couple standing in line in front of me at customs. 

"Hi! Did you guys just get married?" I asked noticing her pretty sparkly ring. 

"No, we just got engaged! We started dating in Rome so we wanted to come for a little trip!" She replied.

"Oh my gosh! That's so exciting! My boyfriend and I started dating in Rome too!" I gushed. And then after a long exchange, we became friends and bonded over the painful experience of a thirteen hour flight and then having to stand in line. She, Bella, was early into her wedding planning and I was eager to start shooting. So, a few days later, Eric and I invited Bella and Charlie up to Viterbo for a little engagement shoot. We had lunch, showed them our little city, and enjoyed the budding spring weather that Italy offered us.